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My name is Y. Abdul Rasul. I am a software professional living in India. The basic idea behind this site is to act as a depository of postage stamps & related materials with an emphasis on mosques. The intent is to try and list as many stamps as possible from mosque theme. I am doing specialization in mosque stamps. I started the stamps collecting hobby when I was 10 years old. My father initiate stamps collection hobby. Apart from stamps I am collecting coins, currencies, Vintage Cameras & Antiques.


I am an expert in mosque stamps theme and got Guinness World Record for World's largest collection of stamps on Mosque. As a collector trying to do a service to the society to know about mosques theme stamps. I have tried to be careful while attributing the stamps. But mistakes are still bound to happen. Please send your feedback/suggestion to mosquestamps@gmail.com.
The site is created purely for informational purpose and has no commercial interests. The scans used in the site are from my personal collection. Donations of scans, information and suggestions are welcome and will be very sincerely appreciated and acknowledged.


Thanks to my Almighty God for his grace to start this project. Thanks to my mentor Mr. S.Viswanathan(late) for his guidance and to South India Philately Association. Thanks to my friend Syed Noor for gifted the valuable high value Mosque Theme currencies. Thanks to my friend Mohamed Nasirkhan for his help to launch mosquestamps website. This project can not be done without your support.

Please take a moment to bookmark this site and check back for updates.




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